"Oss, antenner."
Kongsberg kunstforening 2019

Double Tongue, 2018

 TID, Bryne Kunstforening 2018.
 In collaboration with Tove Kommedal.

                                                                   Moving Matter
                                                                   Trykkeriet 2016.

Moving Matter consists of silkscreens and sculptural paper that have been produced during a working period at Trykkeriet. The handmade paper/pulp mainly consists of recycled paper from Trykkeriets print production and earlier works and sketches from my own studio practice.
The work is visually and thematically responding to production, local history and hand-craft and has a strong relation to the site. The building outside the window of the exhibition space was once one of the largest factories producing rope for the ship industry in Bergen. The long and narrow building shows very clearly how form follows function and vice versa. The factory had to shut down due to the rise of the industrial revolution and is now getting restored.
The thematic backdrop of the project is also the source for the visual elements choosen in the formal and improvised compositions. 

On the Blue Move. 2016
Paper pulp, ink, silk and glue.

Exhibition overview.

    Moving Matter I-III. 2016.
    Silk screens in oak frame.
    Edition: 10

Untitled. 2016
Handmade paper

Untitled. 2016
Handmade paper

Untitled. 2016
                                                                   Handmade paper

Rose Rosè. 2016. Handmade paper, rose pebbles and chlorine.